NEWS RELEASE: RTC Study Shows Increase in Bike and Pedestrian Activity

NEWS RELEASE: RTC Study Shows Increase in Bike and Pedestrian Activity

[PDF of News Release Available Here]

Reno, NV (Dec. 29, 2015) – The RTC Bike and Pedestrian Data Collection Annual Report showed a marked increase in bicycle and pedestrian activity in the region. The report, which was released this month, summarizes nearly 1,400 hours of observations at 40 different locations in Reno, Sparks and unincorporated Washoe County from Sept. 2014 to Sept. 2015. During this time frame, the highest pedestrian and bike volumes to date were documented by consultant Traffic Works.

The following observations were made: 25,956 pedestrians, 5,241 bicyclists and 205 individuals using wheelchairs or mobility devices. Pedestrian activity spiked in Sept. 2015, and the highest pedestrian activity was observed near 4th Street and Evans Avenue, near RTC 4TH STREET STATION. The most bike activity was observed near Ralston Street and 1st Street in downtown Reno. Pedestrians outnumbered bicyclists by roughly five to one through the study as a whole.

“The RTC is dedicated to giving everyone transportation options,” RTC Director of Planning Amy Cummings said. “This data shows that when amenities are available for pedestrians and bicyclists, more will use alternative transportation methods to get around, creating cleaner air, less traffic congestion and promoting a healthy lifestyle,” she added.

More than 30 percent of trips in the 4th Street/Prater Way Corridor were made using alternative modes of transportation such as: walking, biking and via transit. The RTC has planned major upgrades to promote transportation options in this corridor. This project, which will add four new electric buses, wider sidewalks and bike lanes, will break ground in 2017.

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