Ask the Team

Concerned about construction delays? Sharing rides is a great way to improve travel times for everyone. The RTC TRIP MATCH ( program is a fast, easy and convenient way to look for carpool matches (and also bus, bike and walk buddies). Visit and you may discover a new friend with similar travel patterns. There’s also a Guaranteed Ride Home program so you don’t need to fear being stranded at work without a ride home if travel plans unexpectedly change.
Plan ahead. When possible, plan your trip during non-peak hours (after 9 am and before 3 pm).
Combine trips. Run errands and schedule appointments when you are already out and about.
Car pool. Fewer vehicles on the road will help relieve traffic congestion.
Watch for pedestrians. Construction will include temporary sidewalk closures and signed detours.
Leave early. Traffic could be delayed up to 20 minutes.
Use transit. More people on the bus = less vehicles on the road.
Slow down. Speed limits are reduced in construction zones and fines are doubled.
Pay attention. Traffic control and work zones will be changing frequently.

Project Managers

Warren Call, P.E.

Project Manager — RTC
(775) 335-1881

Amy Cummings, AICP/LEED AP

Director of Planning — RTC
(775) 335‐1825

Mark Casey, P.E.

Project Manager — Wood Rodgers
(775) 823-9443

Andy Durling, AICP, LEED AP
Planning Lead — Wood Rodgers

(775) 823‐5211

Mike Davidson, P.E.

Design Manager — Wood Rodgers
(775) 823‐4064